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Touch Typist Typing Tutor is a straight forward simple to use program that has been teaching people to type for over 25 years! We estimate that over the years we have helped over 200,000 people learn to type using our software, Touch Typist is the longest running typing tutor software in the world.

We have written Touch Typist with BECTA guidelines in mind, the design covers as many of the FENTO standards that we can apply to software. This assures that learning is enjoyable and efficient in both software led and student led modes.

We have also taken great care to make sure that Touch Typist is a typing tutor suitable for Dsylexic learners, We have intentionally chosen font sizes and ensured that the software does not contain false words or any scrolling text

We have carefully planned out all 201 lessons to give you maximium benefit in learning to type with the software, the very first lessons start you off with repeating letters ie "fff jjj ffj jjf" this gradually gets you use to where all the keys are and exercises the muscles in your hands. You then move on to typing full sentences.
Learn to type software running

Touch Typing software, graph reports After each lesson you are graded from A,B,C,D and down to E, which tells you how well you did on the lesson you just completed, We love people to get the most out of Touch Typist Typing Tutor so we have a feature that calculates what level you are at typing at and depending on the level, the software changes the minium grade you need to get before you can move on to the next lesson, This pushes you to get the best grade you possibly can and means that you get the most out of learning to type.

We recommend you use Touch Typist Typing Tutor for at least 15minutes a day to take you from a complete novice to a master of the keyboard.

If you require a licence to use touch typist on multiple computers i.e. in a school or business, scroll to the bottom of the page to see information about our licences.

There are two ways to order Touch Typist Typing Tutor... Instant Download, Packaged CD sent through the post with the option to pay online or order over the telephone. Scroll down to pick your option:


Download Touch Typist
(US)$18 which is around (GBP)£11
This download can be unlocked online instantly so that you have the full version of the software without waiting for a CD to arrive in the post.

This is a special offer, the download only costs $18 (US Dollars) which is around £11 Sterling according to

Click the download button below and choose the option 'Run'.

This will download the software and start the installer. (small 3.5 MB download).

Once you have Installed Touch Typist you will be asked for payment details after that, the software will be automatically unlocked and you can start learning to type straight away!

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Order Touch Typist on CD
£20 (Free UK P&P)

Buy Touch Typist as a CD version and you will recieve the software through the post.

This is the same version of Software as the download option but is sent to you on CD. The price includes free UK postage and packaging.

We ship worldwide so don't worry if you don't live in the UK you can still buy a CD version of Touch Typist, We offer three postage options that cover all countries of the world.

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Telephone Ordering

If you'd Prefer to order over the phone or have questions about the software,
you can call us on: (+44) 01772 454328


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Site Licence:

Contact us if you require educational establishment or site licence information for our typing tutor. We will be pleased to help. Alternatively you may download the Excel document below to work out licence costs.

Business or Educational users may click here to download
or run an Excel file containing site licence prices for Touch Typist

If you would like to speak to us about the site licence or to purchase a site licence:
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Information Leaflet:
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